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 Forum rules

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Whyte David
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PostSubject: Forum rules   Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:51 pm

Forum rules:
[list][*] Keep the dumb and stupid stuff that you have no need in saying to someone in your mind.

Don't try to hack the forum or anyone's account or you will get permanently banned.

Respect the staff at all times and if you have a problem with a staff member report it directly to me. If you take it into your own hands then you subject yourself to disciplinary actions.

If you feel you have been improperly disciplined by a staff member then you can message me or email me.

If you don't agree with something on the site then let me know. No rant posts about the site.

Do not just post to post. All posts should be legitimate and with reason. If I decide that the post is unnecessary then I will message you and let you know.

And finally use common sense. If an staff member decides that you have done something wrong you can be subject to disciplinary actions.[/list]

Be good. Be safe. Have fun.
Thank you, Whyte David.
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Forum rules
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